Frequently Asked Questions for Christmas Tree Place Berkhamsted

Please see below a list of some of our more common Frequently Asked Questions:

▫ Do we deliver Trees ?

  • At the moment we don't - all our sales are made from our retail site in Berkhamsted. All Christmas trees are different and depend on your individual taste. It is therefore better to choose your tree yourself AND A LOT MORE FUN! We believe that direct deliveries of Christmas trees is extremely difficult to get right because of the quality of delivery services, especially at Christmas time. Once you have chosen your tree, we will wrap it tightly and this allows it to fit in most cars, or if you prefer you can tie it to your car roof

▫ How can I help my tree keep its needles ?

  • We'll help you by cutting the bottom inch of the trunk off for you. This will re-open pore's in the tree's bark and if you then place the tree in a water holding stand within an hour or two the tree will drink a large amount of water during the season. This stops the tree from drying out and just like a cut rose in water, will stay fresh considerably longer - but you must remember to keep watering it! Clike here for Tree Care Instructions

▫ Where is your farm ?

  • Our 32 acre Christmas Tree Plantation (which is part of our 80 acres of Christmas Trees) is just off the A41 Berkhamsted junction.
  • On leaving the A41 follow the signs to Chesham (A416) and we are on the right hand side of the road just after the entrance to Berkhamsted Schools Haresfoot site.
  • To find us by Sat Nav our post code is HP4 2SZ. Click here for map.

▫ How big are your trees ?

  • This year we will have trees up to 14 feet - we will have larger trees in future years.

▫ Can I have a large Christmas tree with roots ?

  • We only supply trees with roots up to about 4ft. It is impossible to supply larger trees with roots because the root network that needs to go with such larger trees becomes too heavy to move without specialist heavy moving equipment.

▫ Have you got anything more Christmasy ?

  • NO! (Sorry!)

▫ What are your opening hours ?

  • We are open from 25th November until 22nd December 2017.
    In November Mon-Fri:    09:30 to 17:00 and Sat-Sun:    09:30 to 17:00
  • In December 9:30-7pm Weekdays and 9:30-5pm Weekends

▫ Do we sell Mistletoe ?

  • We sell mistletoe by the bunch, another Christmas tradition. Our mistletoe is collected using a long pole, rather than ladders, and it is all British grown.

▫ Do we accept Credit/Debit cards ?

  • We accept most credit and debit cards (except Amex)

▫ How do I tell if a tree is fresh ?

  • To see if a tree is fresh, look for green needles that have a christmas tree smell. Also look to see if there is excessive needle loss and check for dryness or discoloured foliage.

▫ How is a tree measured ?

  • A Christmas tree is measured from the bottom of the trunk to the very top of the leader – the long branch where the fairy or star goes